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Andrew Hoard is a life long student of the Martial Arts. He has had experience in both traditional Martial Arts,and Reality Based Systems. Starting at the age of 10 at Oxford Heights Community Club, this triggered a life long interest in Martial Arts. Having a background in Judo, Savate, Mauy Thai, Jui Juitsu, Sambo, Choi Kwang Do, Krav Maga, and Command Krav Maga there is very little he hasn't seen and heard over the decades. Andrew has also developed a love of tactical shooting (mainly Centre Axis Re-Lock) and has always been a fitness enthusiast. Being a huge fan of Barstarzz on youtube, Andrew has begun to pracitice this form of exercise as the primary source for his strenght training and conditioning. Andrew will never learn all he wants to in his life time, but that won't stop him from trying!

Andrew's education is in Culinary Arts, and Sociology. He also holds a dog training ticket, and has adopted a Presa Canario named Muffin.

Andrew does Security Consulting as well.

We Never, Ever Rise To The Occasion!
If we were to look at the youtube footage of Robert Dziekanski's death by taser; or the shooting of Sammy Yatim on a Toronto street car; or if we look at the US case of Trayvon Martin being shot be George Zimmerman; they all have an obvious commonality: -They all…
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Railways & The Criminal Conspiracy Machine Forward!
If we as Canadians are not aware of how truly insidious, agenda driven, how the obvious conspiracy machine corporations such as the railways have become, then we as a society are hopelessly lost. I have lived a good portion of my life in two railway towns, and one of them…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Anthropology Sociology   Jul 17, 2013  
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Educating Us to Be Docile Sheep
It is most troubling what we hear in the news lately about a young boy named Briar Mac Lean (13 years of age). He is a boy who is being punished for doing the right, moral, and courageous thing. In case you are unfamiliar with this young lads name (or…
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Good Life & Bad Business
Not long ago I decided to go into Golds Gym downtown Eau Claire, and discovered that it was no longer Golds, but Good Life Fitness. I had a punch card and I thought I would just get in a quick workout, but this was not to be. I was told…
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Bystander Apathy; Are You One Of the Indifferent Sheep?
Calgarians are an odd group of people. I have observed addicts begging for change on the LRT (Light Rail Transit) platform or inside the train itself. They ask a few people and the addict usually gets what they want. Half the time people give money. I have observed it time…
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Goverment, Lies, & Alberta Guard's Good Fight!
This dispute with the Alberta Solicitor General and the AUPE (Alberta Union of Public Employees) was an unfortunate necessity. Here is what is kept out of the main stream media: - The occupational health and safety officer failed the new Edmonton Remand Centre on more than 40 concerns of health…
By:  in  Legal  >  Labor Law   May 02, 2013  
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The Ultimate Folly After Your Workout!
I see time and time again; people workout very heavy, determined to loose weight and build lean muscle. They work themselves to the point of exhaustion, and put some good wear on their muscles. Then they go home to bed and eat nothing. Let me say this; this is the…
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Centre Axis Re - lock; The Innovation And Threat!
It is very funny; just because something is the best, doesn't mean it will take off, or have people choose it. Let's look at the Beta tapes for VCR. VHS was inferior, Beta was superior. We all know who won that one. Greedy humans love to suppress technology, and suppress…
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The Big Change In Fitness We Haven't Noticed!
You have probably noticed the trend in late night info-mercials promoting home workout routines on DVD like P90 X, 10 minute trainer, GSP has a DVD out, as well as Tap Out, Insanity, etc... But what are they really promoting? Do they really work? Will your results be the same…
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Krav Maga & Centre Axis Relock
It is a curious thing; I have seen and heard many times over the years of so many experts in Martial Arts getting punched right out at the bar or night club. There are may articles written about experts in MMA, Brazilian Jui Juitsu, and other forms of hybrid training…
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