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I am 52 years old and have had a wonderful life this far. I have had tragedies and problems some more than others. Even with the problems, I am still living the dream. I grew up in a military family. The first few years of my life we traveled. I have lived in Amarillo Texas, Mobile Alabama, San Bernadino California, Thompsonville Michigan, Lansing Michigan and now for eighteen years I have been in Holt Michigan. I have a beautiful wife and three children. One boy and two girls. Keith, Kimberly and Kaley. I have had a few jobs in my life. I have spent time in the construction trade building, selling and manageing. I have also spent time in retail. About eighteen years with Sears. I have been a salesman and a manager for them.

How to Get The Job You Want
Why is it that many people just settle for any job? Is it because they spend more time planning for vacations and fun instead of planning for their future. I hear that from people all of the time. What I have found not only with myself but many acquaintances and…
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