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4 Tips to Stop Your Mascara From Smudging
Mascara is a great makeup accessory a girl can have. It is something in daily regimen that i cannot leave out when applying makeup . It accentuates, lengthens your eye lashes giving you either a subtle or dramatic look depending on how it is applied. However, every girl who has…
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4 Tips to Make A Small Room Look Bigger
How does one actually make a small room look bigger? You cannot actual make it look bigger unless you demolish the whole unit and create a bigger space. But there is a way you can make small rooms in your home, apartment, condominium look big. We see interior design using…
By:  in  Home Improvement  >  Interior Design and Decorating   Jan 24, 2013  
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How to Update Your Kitchen
Some of us would like our kitchens renovated but we all know kitchen renovations can be expensive especially if you don't have enough funds to do it. Look at a few appliances that one needs in a kitchen nowadays cost over $1000. With the economy recovering slowly, it is still…
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How to Pick the Right Paint Color for Your Home
As we approach the year 2013, many of us have new years resolutions which we are trying to stay faithful to. Lets say one of your resolutions is to take on a home remodeling project either small or big and you are deciding how to pick the right paint color…
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Green Superfood: Kiwis
You probably have heard of super foods such as broccoli, blueberry, black beans , salmon, green tea and so many others. The emphasis of including these foods into our daily diets is mainly because they have something more to offer than our regular foods do. They have powerful antioxidants which…
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Best Way to Dry Your Nails
Nail care is important especially to us ladies. Well polished and colorful nails always look good. We really want our nails and toes to look good and will seek out the best colors to make them pop, the best manicurist to get them looking polished and other many ways. When…
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Summer Dress Code Tips for Women
With summer coming up, who doesn't want to look amazing. Unless you are a fashion guru, you probably are stuck trying to make up your mind what outfits to buy and how to match them. Just tweaking a few things here and there can make gorgeous in minutes. I believe…
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Being Single And How it Can Be Good for You
You may have come out of a relationship or even never been in one but the feeling of being alone is so hurtful. As humans we are not meant to be alone even though we may feel like we are better off being by ourselves. But the truth is we…
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Great Tips For An Awesome Relationship
Everyone desires to have an awesome relationship where they can be loved on and respected for the really are however this not the case in many relationships . Nowadays, relationships feel like a game and people are always anticipating the next move of their opponent and this eventually leads to…
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