Rachelle M. (Street Articles Author)

Hi! I'm Rachelle, a mid to late thirty something and a full time stay at home mum. I have spent my whole life working far too long hours with little reward and satisfaction for effort I was putting in. The birth of my daughter and relocating to a new life overseas has enabled me to explore new paths and an exciting future I look forward to experiencing!

I have worked in Brand Strategy, design and Marketing Communications for other people / corporate businesses for the past 17 years now, so writing articles and finding new ways to share information and perhaps maybe just my own personal thoughts are very new to me.

I welcome any feedback - good or bad, as I strive to improve and provide useful information to you.

Current author status : Newbie!!

I'm Too Old for Acne, Surely? What is Acne And Why Me?
I'm too old for spots, surely? What is acne and why me? I can answer from personal experience ‘what is acne?’ but I can’t answer ‘why me?’ I’m afraid. At some point in life we’ve all experienced a few spots here and there but why is it that some suffer…
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