Rae (Street Articles Author)

Career woman to now career mom. I am a MomAreer! I am the owner of www.momAreer.com and I have been writing articles online for other venues for many years. I left corporate America after having my first child, moved abroad and I have been taking on online projects and working from home ever since. Today I have begun networking and meeting others in my similar position. I want to increase my knowledge and learn more about the possible internet opportunities.

I have always loved writing as it has been a way to express my thoughts. Now I want to share more and learn in order to improve my skills as an author. I am open to feedback and I am excited to be part of Street Articles.

Let's Raclette Grill Together!
Dinner is better when we eat together. ~unknown When starting a family this became our motto. Like the old saying goes: couples that pray together, stay together. Same for the family unit: Families that eat together, stay strong together. With all the new super high speed gadgets, demands of work…
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