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Greetings. my name is Rainne. I reside in Sunny Florida and on a nice Florida day you can find me at one of these places; inside a gym, on the computer, a book store, health food supermarket or engaged in some kind of physical activity. I'm very much into health and fitness. I'm a vegetarian and an ex-military soldier (U.S. Navy), my last tour of duty was in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, I was stationed there for 3 years. Hawaii is a beautiful but expensive place to live.

Due to my love of travel and my desire to be surrounded by friends and family I decided one day(out of the blue) as I was sitting in my office cubicle staring at my computer screen that I didn't want to spend another year sitting in a small corner of the room with makeshift walls and bad lighting. My company was also laying off people and interviewing for jobs is not my strong point; I'd had enough of that. I wanted "Freedom", real freedom to come and go and do as I pleased and to enjoy sunny days with those I wanted to be around. I knew I would never have that unless I made a decision to change something. I read these words posted on a billboard months ago and that day while sitting at my desk those words came to mind, "If you don't like where you are...change it...you are not a tree".

Perhaps you have had similar thoughts about your future and you are no longer willing to allow life to happen to you; you want to be in total control of your own destiny. If it is your deserve to start an online business...start today. My desire and goal is to help you to that end, to inform and educate you on topics I have knowledge of and to point you in the right direction to further your education and thus your online success. No we are not trees, we can uproot ourselves and start anew.

I Swear I Am Not Interviewing For A Job Ever Again
The headache, sweaty palms, the racing of the heart, the inability to form complete sentences, and the sheer humiliation of it all. No I didn't have a heart attack or fall down a flight of stairs, although I would have been better off with the stairs as opposed to the…
By:  in  Home Based Business   Oct 28, 2013  
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How To Have A Successful Home Business
Have the thought ever occurred to you to start your own home business and how exciting that would be? If so you are certainly not alone; many people are turning to the internet as a means of earning an income from the comfort of their easy chair. Having a successful…
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Do I Really Need A Payday Loan?
There have been a few times when I felt I needed a payday loan; however, I heard some negative things about these types of loans. So I decided to do my homework before applying for one. If you are thinking about a loan of this kind, keep reading this article…
By:  in  Finance  >  Personal Loans   Jul 17, 2012  
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Your Snoring Is Driving Me Nuts!
If you have ever heard someone snore, you know exactly where I'm coming from with this title. I understand that those who snore don't want to be loud and annoying and snoring may be a great indicator that something more is going on; in fact it may be an indicator…
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A Home Business In Today's Economy
Starting a work at home business sure sounds good. When we look at the economic and the high unemployment rate it is really scary. Many people have been hit hard and there is more bad weather on the horizon. For those with children to care for and a mortgage and…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online   Feb 28, 2012  
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