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Hello, My name is Rajr Dayl, Online Entrepreneur, Ex-Soldier, Vietnam Veteran, Salesman, and computer nut. Computers have opened a whole new world of adventure through games and especially computer simulations, like Flight Simulators and Hunting Simulators. I also love bicycling, motorcycling, photography, reading, singing and playing the guitar. I am a life-long Christian.

Every day is an adventure!

I am committed to Internet Marketing, of which I am an ardent, if not so adept, student! I am learning more every day and the more I learn the more I know how much I need to learn! lol

I dearly love many genres of music, but I am a very picky listener. I like some Christian, some Country, some Rock, lots of Easy Listening, some Classical. I love everything that Karen Carpenter ever sang and I am a big Neil Diamond fan. Air Supply and Randy Travis are favorites! It would take too much space to name all my favorite artists! But maybe one day I will really sit down and try to do that.

I am not a big movie watcher but if I had to name my favorite movie, “Big Trouble in Little China Town ”Starring Kurt Russell would be a major contender. It is Hilarious! I am also a huge fan of “Capt. Richard Sharpe”, a little known in America, series of English movies based on Benard Cornwell’s novels of the same name. I have a keen interest in any well done movie of the Napoleonic War era. Captain Horatio Hornblower comes immediately to mind.

I love and cherish books with all my heart! One of my all-time favorites is M.M. Kaye’s “The Far Pavillions” Superb! I love well written books of the Napoleonic War era, as well as movies of the era. Bernard Cornwell’s Richard Sharpe series, Dewey Lamdin’s Alan Lewry Naval Adventures, C.S. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower series and many others of the same ilk! Love ‘em all! I have been in love with good Sci-Fi ever since I read Andre Norton’s “Time Traders” in the Fifth Grade, way back in the Stone Age! :) My favorite Modern Sci-Fi writer is David Weber. I love his Honor Harrington Series and Empire From The Ashes (Dahak Series) So many! So little space! I love rich fantasies like “The Wheel of Time Chronicles” by the late and very lamented Robert Jordan, may he rest in the Light! I grew up on “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien! Have read them over and over since the early ’60s! And I can’t forget to mention Marion Zimmer Bradley, whom sadly we lost in 1999, the lady who brought us “Darkover” a magical, mystical world of telepaths! Last, but foremost, I love Yahweh’s Word, the Bible, from it He never fails to speak to me! This may not be the "normal" type of author bio, but it is mine! :)

Proflightsimulator Vs Mfsx
Flight simulators are a computer program that, in conjunction with the appropriate hardware, allows the operator/pilot to have the same (virtual) experience (more or less) that actual pilots have, in whatever kind of aircraft is being simulated. Flight simulators are, really, the first successful, widely available application of the promise…
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