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My name is Joshua Smith, a 3d Artist in the entertainment industry.

I am an avid gamer, born from the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. During my years of schooling, nothing of interest grabbed my attention, so I stuck with Web/Graphic Design; it was the closest field to designing games...that I knew of (game design courses did not exist during my time at school). Flash games were quite the rage, very popular; I visited many sites to play the latest, newest material, but in doing so, I stumbled upon an opportunity: schools designed to teach anyone the trade of making video games.

Excited, I began a thorough investigation of art schools to attend and sent off my application. The biggest decision of my life occurred when I received an acceptance letter to The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago and awarded the Half-Tuition Scholarship for my very own game design.

I now hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Game Art & Design and strive to one day create my own vision for all gaming enthusiasts to play.

The Playstation Experience: A System for the Fans
Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 on February 20, 2013. This marks the fourth entry into the global brand. At its core, PlayStation has always been a video game console, marketed for gamers (hardcore) and enthusiasts; Those who wish to experience the technology Sony continues to offer through each iteration…
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