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Thank you for joining me in a journey to change our habits about what we intake into our digestive system that ultimately effects most of the functions of our body. Garbage in – Bad Health out!

I am 66 years of age and grew up in a household in New England that insisted on meat, potato, vegetables, and dessert at Supper. For those younger than age 50, Supper was what we now call Dinner. Breakfast consisted of cereal on work-days, and eggs, bacon or ham, toast, and sometimes fried potatoes; Dinner (now Lunch) was the big meal on weekends and Supper was today’s version of a light lunch.During the work-week it was Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner. It was no wonder that my Dad fell asleep in his chair every night shortly after Dinner. I swore I would never develop the fat belly that he had, but as you can see if you watch my video, I did!

My intake of lots of coffee in the morning with a couple pieces of toast or an english muffin, lots of soda in the afternoon with chips, cookies, or crackers and an occasional chocolate bar caught up to me at about age 45. As a tax accountant and financial planner my days were busy but mostly sitting down. Once I gave up playing soccer and stopped playing tennis and golf as much my belly grew along with other parts of my body. I went from an average of !50 – 160 pounds to 190 – 200 pounds. My cholesterol levels shot up, partly due to my dietary habits, and partly due to genetics, to the point I’ve been on medication for about 15 years now. One of my goals in this journey is to get off those pills.

For the past 10 years I prefer after a day of work to sit at my computer and work on websites, sell from my websites, market, and learn. I find myself sitting for hours at a time without even getting up – so talk about a sedentary lifestyle! I’ve joined gyms, but don’t go near as often as I should. So, I recently purchased an elliptical exercise machine that is within 6 feet of my computer. I force myself at least every hour to spend at least two minutes on it at a fast pace.I also throw in some yoga planks to work on by Abs.

Advice About Healthy Eating From Over 3000 Years Ago
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