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Hi my name is Rego I just started a classic rock blog called Rego's Classic Rock.I am a classic rock junkie! Blogging is a new hobby for me but one which I enjoy dearly. Rock On!

U2 Review
I remember the first time I saw U2, they were on MTV, when MTV was actually a music video station. They where on a dock in Ireland I think, playing "Gloria", and from that moment on I was a U2 fan. About a year later the album 'War" came out…
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Classic Rock Bands - The Beatles
As classic rock bands go, the most commercially successful act in history is The Beatles. They were only together for 10 years, however they still hold the world record with 20 #1 hits and have sold over a billion albums and singles combined. I remember while living in the Azores…
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A World Without Music
Imagine it... a world without music. Do we even realize the importance of music in our lives? Just think of any social gathering you have ever been to, be it a bar, a club, a house party or just any place where a group of people have gathered to celebrate.…
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Is Rock And Roll Dead?
As of late I have heard a lot of talk about how rock and roll has died or is dying. So, is rock and roll dead? I don't believe that to be the case at all. If you look at all the bands that sell out large football stadiums bringing…
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Classic Rock: The Rolling Stones
If you love classic rock then the first band you have to start with is the Rolling Stones. Next month the Stones will celebrate their 50th year since the band formed in 1962. They released their first album, "The Rolling Stones", in 1964 and have since released an incredible total…
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