Rhett Kniep (Street Articles Author)

Rhett Kniep is a licensed building contractor and real estate broker. For over a decade he has successfully worked in the real estate investment business, buying and rehabbing and selling single-family homes. Out of a desire to share his expertise with others, Rhett created FlipAHouseForProfit, an organization devoted to training entrepreneurs in the highly lucrative, house flipping business.

An accomplished writer, Rhett communicates with passion and clarity, and his work is known for its unique balance of practicality and entertainment.

To learn more about the great advantages of real estate investing, and how you can benefit from it, go to: http://flipahouseforprofit.com

To Invest Or Not To Invest - That is the Answer
When it comes to money, there are basically three kinds of people: those who dump their money into depreciating liabilities, those who sit on their money, and those who invest into appreciating assets. No doubt there is some crossover between them, but essentially all people can be classified by their…
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