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Hello there I worked all my life outdoors, come rain or shine, I love it.I find it very peaceful and relaxing. My family are my first priority. Spending time with them and chewing the fat. I am retired now and spend my time walking dogs and working on my allotment. My favorite hobby is writing on my blog and articles. It is also a very rewarding experience to raise a garden and see all of your hard work pay off. A lot of my time is also spent reading and I do enjoy a good film.

My wife, Jean and I have been round the world twice with our boys Daniel and Matthew.

Jean and I met in Uganda where we were both working at the time.

I have milked cows in Republic of Ireland,England,Luxembourg,and Uganda

Your Raw Food Diet Plan
A raw food diet plan can be helpful for anybody who is interested in following a raw way of eating. Most of us think we know what foods are raw and what are not, but it is a big step to go straight into a 100% raw diet. There's a…
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Raw Diet Options: Vegan, Vegetarian And 'primitive' Raw
If you are interested in switching to a raw diet for the health benefits, or to lose weight, or for any other reason, you will quickly discover that there are several paths that you can take. In fact, the options are sometimes confusing. There's no point in starting out on…
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What is Compost And is it Worth It?
Composting really is very simple science: all you are doing is making a habitat with organic waste, for organisms that work in the decomposition cycle. For compost is nothing more then a living ecosystem that supports a very complex community of microbes. and other such organisms. These bugs need food,…
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Farmyard Manure And Compost
You do not have to be a certified Organic Grower to grow and enjoy good homegrown vegetables. Just follow sustainable growing practices, which would include following a good crop rotation, the use of compost/manure as well as using green cover crops. The most important thing to remember and practice is…
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How To Get Rid Of Moles:
Talpa europea is the name of the beast, but your are more then likely to be know it by its other name: Mole. A curious and mysterious creature that lives in darkness and tunnels. Beloved of children stores and picture books the mole is delightful execpt when he is living…
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How To Use Mother Natures Growing System
In theory if you grow crops on your raised beds or garden and take them away to consume without putting back artificial fertilizer, then you will deplete your soil and make it barren. That is what the agricultural world has been telling growers since the 1940s when they stated big…
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Making Good Compost
It is a know fact that garden compost is the single most positive aspect for a healthy soil. Better then farm yard manure and certainly better then artificial fertilizer. This is a fundamental truth that cannot be stressed too much or understood too well. By using compost in our raised…
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Good Compost Bins
If you are reading this you are a human being, and the stress here is on the word “being”. So often in our modern life we are human doings, that is we are all up and doing something all the time. We very rarely be. In relation to our organic…
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Compost Without Mystery
“One acre composted is worth acres three At harvest thy barns shall declare it to thee” Lawrence Hill 1963 Compost and the making of it is something that is quite new in the scheme of things. For gardens of the past had plenty of good manure, even in the centres…
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