Richard26 (Street Articles Author)

My name is Richard and I am from Sheffield, UK.

I have a great interest in sports of all types but especially Rugby of either code. I have been a media officer for a number of amateur Rugby clubs and enjoyed writing the match reports and press released for them.

Thanks to the media officer roll I have also had the privelage of writing some advice and overview peices for a number of companies running fantasy league competitions during Rugby Union world cups and European Football Championships.

I have enjoyed writing these and wanted to try writing articles that are more observations on what is happening within sports and perhaps into other areas too.

I hope that people will enjoy the comment articles that I post here.

A Turning Point for International Rugby League
Rugby Union this weekend starts its series of Autumn internationals in the Northern Hemisphere. The top teams in the Southern Hemisphere play the top teams in the Northern Hemisphere over the coming weekends. However, to those that don’t know, this weekend is the penultimate weekend of the Rugby League 4…
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