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Greetings. I live in Alberta, Canada but actually admit to being a mountain boy from British Columbia. I've been married for the past 19 years and have two great teenagers who, I'm proud to say, still say "I love you" and give me hugs. Nothing better and I hope that says my wife and I are doing pretty good as parents.

I've been working in the health care industry for some 30 years and have certainly seen a lot of changes, some more difficult than others. I've done quite a bit of writing in my early adult years but moved away from that. I am now trying to get back into it and have "discovered" websites and the incredible enjoyment I am getting out of writing content for the sites I have. It seems to be a great fit and I hope to continue to do well at it.

I am a Baby Boomer and certainly don't always enjoy being branded as one. But then as I think about it more and look at the large number that I'm a part of, I realize that being a Baby Boomer is actually kind of cool. We can influence governments, spending, and causes. Doesn't take many of the 70 million plus to make a difference and change the world...or save an animal. We're all labelled anyways, why not belong to this incredible group!


Dad Approved Christmas Presents For Boyfriends
OK, so here’s something this dad hadn’t given a lot of thought to before: what do you tell your teen daughter when she asks you what are appropriate Christmas presents for her boyfriend? Um, a classic novel. Or even better yet, the book “1,000 Ways to Break Up With Your…
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Create A Wordpress Blog: Got A Few Minutes?
Creating a Wordpress blog has become easier over the last few years, to the point that it really does only take a few minutes to start. First: Find Your Niche Once you launch your website it’s out there, indefinitely. Oh sure, you can delete it or sell it but here’s…
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I Want A Different Job!
How many of you, like me, have said that you want a different job? Maybe not to your boss’s face or even to your co-workers. Maybe not even to your significant other or family members. But let’s be honest, there are a great many of us who do not want…
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What Is Your Online Skills Inventory?
Does html confuse you? Do your values prevent you from being a spammer, a scammer, and a self-professed online guru? Do you feel more confused than enlightened with website training? Many people working online today often wonder why they’re doing it and when will they ever “get it”. If this…
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Hot Topics for Online Group Discussions
“Help” “I broke it” “I need more traffic” These are some of the typical hot topics that you will find in many group discussions or chat rooms. They primarily come from online beginners who know they can be successful online but just need some help through the initial building of…
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Baby Boomer Blogs for Women
As I’m sure you know, the internet is filled with millions of blogs and the vast majority of these are launched with the intent to sell something. Further, many of these are targeted towards women because, let’s face it, women are consummate shoppers and are always on the lookout for…
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Why Are You Looking For Work?
There are many reasons people are looking for work today: • First job • Job satisfaction (or lack thereof) • Feel like they’re in a rat race • Not a good fit • Got fired There’s probably more but these are some of the more prevalent reasons. Regardless, you have…
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Job Interview Tactics 101
Preparing for a job interview is #1…before you even show up at the interview. Here are some tips from someone who has been on “the Interview Panel” side of things. Do Your Homework Show up and show off what you've done. You should know something about the company that you…
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Working Backwards From Retirement
Retirement is typically something that’s coming, that we’re working towards. But what if I told you that you should actually be working backwards from your retirement? What do I mean? 50 – 65 Age Group We actually begin to think we’re going to make it to retirement, although, many in…
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Tips to Writing Good Website Content
The proverbial question in online marketing or building your online business is figuring out what is good website content. Some people claim to have the “magic formula” and promise you loads of money if you sign up with them and do what they do. This is not true! Don’t fall…
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