Rick Jantz (Street Articles Author)

Greetings. I live in Alberta, Canada but actually admit to being a mountain boy from British Columbia. I've been married for the past 19 years and have two great teenagers who, I'm proud to say, still say "I love you" and give me hugs. Nothing better and I hope that says my wife and I are doing pretty good as parents.

I've been working in the health care industry for some 30 years and have certainly seen a lot of changes, some more difficult than others. I've done quite a bit of writing in my early adult years but moved away from that. I am now trying to get back into it and have "discovered" websites and the incredible enjoyment I am getting out of writing content for the sites I have. It seems to be a great fit and I hope to continue to do well at it.

I am a Baby Boomer and certainly don't always enjoy being branded as one. But then as I think about it more and look at the large number that I'm a part of, I realize that being a Baby Boomer is actually kind of cool. We can influence governments, spending, and causes. Doesn't take many of the 70 million plus to make a difference and change the world...or save an animal. We're all labelled anyways, why not belong to this incredible group!


Create A Successful Blog
There is nothing magical or hidden about creating a successful blog. I would argue that anyone can do it if you… Have the Desire Just like with anything in life, creating your own blog requires the desire and the passion to keep it up. Whether you choose to write daily,…
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Online Chats
Have you ever noticed that people seem to be a little more willing to open up and chat online? "Chatty Cathy's" are exploding online and are sharing their hopes, their dreams, their troubles and turmoils, even their online marketing plans. And they are doing these in the chat rooms on…
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The Joy Of Writing Online
Many of us have had a dream of being a published author but so few achieve this grand goal. But with the internet there is now the opportunity to start up your own website and experience the joy or writing online. What do I mean? 400 Words It’s recommended that…
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Website Name Ideas
So you've decided to create a website, know what it will be about, and even have some great ideas for your posts. But what do you name your creation? Some will say that you shouldn't spend a lot of time in coming up with a name because it’s the content…
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Thinking About My Website
Yes, I’m one of the thousands, maybe millions that have a website that I enjoy writing on and am thrilled with every “hit” I get. On a great spring Sunday afternoon I’m thinking about my website and what else I can add to it to make it even greater. Great…
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My Website Made Me Do It
It’s not my fault, my website made me do it! I was just a quiet, stay-at-home kind of guy living my life in anonymity and peace. Then I got the brainwave to create a really good website. Now guess what I spend my time doing? I’m pushing my face all…
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Silver Surfers: Boomers Catch the Internet Wave
We grew up with the Beach Boys and went to the movies to see Beach Blanket Bingo so the ocean and surfing are in the blood. Now, the silver surfers are catching the internet wave. Baby Boomers are logged on, getting accounts, and even remembering dozens of passwords. Surfing Sites…
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Midlife Crisis for Dummies – Tips And Tricks
No, I’m not talking to you…or am I? Here are just a few tips, tricks, and pointers for midlife crisis for dummies should you be contemplating having one but need some help. This list is not exhaustive and these ideas should allow for your successful acquisition of a new toy.…
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Are Any Online Opportunities Ethical?
We've all heard it time and time again, another scammer has struck and people have lost money. And people begin to wonder if there are any online opportunities that are ethical? It’s easy to see why folks lose hope and faith in online business. There are ethical companies and…even…ethical online…
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Ideas To Attract Visitors To Your Website
Without using super models, questionable pictures, or blasting out scams that don’t work, what are your ideas to attract visitors to your website? There are many options and you will need to choose carefully. I've included a few of my favorites to let you know what I do. Know Your…
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