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Greetings. I live in Alberta, Canada but actually admit to being a mountain boy from British Columbia. I've been married for the past 19 years and have two great teenagers who, I'm proud to say, still say "I love you" and give me hugs. Nothing better and I hope that says my wife and I are doing pretty good as parents.

I've been working in the health care industry for some 30 years and have certainly seen a lot of changes, some more difficult than others. I've done quite a bit of writing in my early adult years but moved away from that. I am now trying to get back into it and have "discovered" websites and the incredible enjoyment I am getting out of writing content for the sites I have. It seems to be a great fit and I hope to continue to do well at it.

I am a Baby Boomer and certainly don't always enjoy being branded as one. But then as I think about it more and look at the large number that I'm a part of, I realize that being a Baby Boomer is actually kind of cool. We can influence governments, spending, and causes. Doesn't take many of the 70 million plus to make a difference and change the world...or save an animal. We're all labelled anyways, why not belong to this incredible group!


Parenting Advice for Teenagers
While we all may have our own ideas of how to raise our teenagers,my view is that any parenting advice for teenagers must recognize these teens as young adults. Having come through the make-belief and the carefree life of childhood, they are now moving into a time in their lives…
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How Baby Boomers Use Social Networking
We all like to talk, be read, be heard, and even be followed. How Baby Boomers use social networking is really no different. It’s a means to connect socially, from down the block or around the globe. Social networking has become a huge trend with this mature generation and they…
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Fun Website Ideas
The internet is chock full of information and things to buy and places to explore. But sometimes we need to relax online and grin a little. Here are some of my fun website ideas that you should either write about or read.. Our Kids What better way than to spend…
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Check My Website Ranking
Having your own website is very likely a business endeavor for you. Business metrics and understanding your successes helps you evaluate where you are at. I think it’s important to check my website ranking fairly regularly so I know what my standing is and what I can do to improve…
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Blog With Pictures
How many times have we heard “a picture is worth a thousand words”? One picture could be the difference that keeps visitors reading your blog and, maybe, even buying. Are you using pictures with your blog? Far too often I find myself typing an article or a post and it…
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How To Write Your Own Story
Regardless of our age many of us could potentially fill many books with our life stories. But how do we choose what to write about when we are blog authors and have a limited amount of space? How do you ensure you’re not just chatting about your “daily-doings” that no…
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Caring for Aging Parents
Many Baby Boomers are finding themselves sandwiched between still raising their children and caring for their aging parents. While this is a noble endeavor, the stress and finances needed are sometimes overwhelming and something Boomers haven’t necessarily planned for as they entered their second half century. Of note, approximately 1…
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Niche Keywords: 4 Research Tips
So you want to own and website and post regular blogs. That’s great! It’s a terrific way to own a piece of internet real estate and get your thoughts, opinions, pictures, or whatever out into the public domain. There is something challenging and exciting about this...and also frightening! But what…
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Funny Blogs By Dads
Well, you've been waiting for it and here it is…a funny blog by a dad. I hope you enjoy and if you don’t, remember, I’m a guy and we have selective hearing…and reading. So what would a funny blog written by a dad include? Here’s my two cents…absolutely everything! 1.…
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The Average Retirement Age Is Out
For many years Baby Boomers went to work with their eyes on the number 65…the age when they could retire. Put your bifocals back on because the average retirement age is out or, at the very least, an ever-changing target. For whatever reason, 65 is no longer the age that…
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