Rick Jantz (Street Articles Author)

Greetings. I live in Alberta, Canada but actually admit to being a mountain boy from British Columbia. I've been married for the past 19 years and have two great teenagers who, I'm proud to say, still say "I love you" and give me hugs. Nothing better and I hope that says my wife and I are doing pretty good as parents.

I've been working in the health care industry for some 30 years and have certainly seen a lot of changes, some more difficult than others. I've done quite a bit of writing in my early adult years but moved away from that. I am now trying to get back into it and have "discovered" websites and the incredible enjoyment I am getting out of writing content for the sites I have. It seems to be a great fit and I hope to continue to do well at it.

I am a Baby Boomer and certainly don't always enjoy being branded as one. But then as I think about it more and look at the large number that I'm a part of, I realize that being a Baby Boomer is actually kind of cool. We can influence governments, spending, and causes. Doesn't take many of the 70 million plus to make a difference and change the world...or save an animal. We're all labelled anyways, why not belong to this incredible group!


Blogging Your Sorrows
When life throws you lemons…make meringue pie! OK, it’s kind of cliche but what do you do when life, or people, throw you curves? Have you ever considered blogging your sorrows? Sometimes when things don’t go as planned or we seem to never be able to take positive steps forward…
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Spend Time With Your Niche
Are you an online marketer and have your own website? Ever wonder how to increase your traffic and get others following you? Are you spending time with your niche? What is your niche? In order to have a presence on the internet you will, of course, need to have a…
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Have Fun Working From Home
Have you ever had the dream that working from home could be fun and might be something you want to do? I have. While I haven’t accomplished this…yet…it is something I am working towards. What could you be doing? 1. Work in your jammies or favorite pair of sweats. Wouldn't…
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My First Family Blog
There are numerous websites on the internet dedicated to blogging about the author’s family. Whether it’s to tell funny stories, reminisce about our childhood, or even talk frankly about married life, you will find a specific topic that you would be interested in. So what would my first family blog…
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What is Your Online Goal?
Many of us have had visions of owning our own successful website and will look with envy at those who do. Have you ever wondered how they got there? They set goals, even for their online business. Wandering aimlessly around the internet will not get you the traffic you need,…
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Dog Breath…the Best Smell!
I imagine dog owners would know best what I’m speaking of here. We tend to get close to the snouts of our mutts when we’re getting all gooey and goofy with them. And their breath…why it’s the best smell ever! 1. A dog’s breath means you’re home. After a busy…
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Secret Work Surprises
We've all heard of “Secret Santas” or “Secret Pals”, right? And we are hurt if we don’t have one but it seems everyone else does, right? Admit it because it’s true. So what if we actually brought this whole idea to work and created our own secret surprises for our…
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Blog As It Comes To You
I’m sure most of you have heard the expression, “Just do it”? Have you ever considered that you need to do that with your own blog? Sometimes we get so caught up in using just the right words in just the right way that, before you know it, you've written…
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A Home Owner’s Nightmare
Oh, there are so many things we need to fear when first we buy a house. It’s a good feeling knowing that the four walls around us and the roof over our heads are ours! But there are nightmares that every home owner fears and could possibly keep you awake…
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Online And On Time
Many of us have considered, or perhaps even own, an online business that we make our living from. Some even are able to work from home or from an office they rent or share. But remember, to do this, you need to be on time whenever you are working online.…
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