Rick London (Street Articles Author)

Rick London is an author, cartoonist and clothing and gift designer living in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. His story is considered unique if not legendary. He started his career in cartoons after losing his corporate job in television media in 1996.

By March of 1997, Londons Times Cartoons was launched in an abandoned rural Mississippi tin shed where he was living with his rescue mutt “Thor”, sleeping in a sleeping bag on the concrete floor, and bathing in a sink that had only cold water. The place had no heat or air. He had $300, no state or federal aid, and lived there for over a year. He bartered his way to minimal success. By 2005, LTCartoons.com was Google’s #1 ranked offbeat cartoon, and #1 on Bing since 2008. It has remained #1 ever since.

He lives with his wife, popular wildlife/nature photographer Lee Hiller-London in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas where they both spend a great deal of time hiking and photographing nature. Lee has her own line of products Lee Hiller Designs that have become well-known on the Internet.

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