RJBurrell (Street Articles Author)

Rebecca is a bartender and avid dog lover who currently lives in San Francisco, CA. In addition to bartending, she also has a passion for blogging, writing articles and managing websites.

Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys hiking with her two dogs, photography and music.

The Best Outdoor Dog Enclosures
Living in Northern California and having pretty mild weather all year round, my dogs definitely get their fill of the outdoors. Now I used to live out in the country with no one else around so it was reasonable to let my girls out and about as long as I…
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The Best Indoor Dog Enclosures
It happened the other day. I was sitting down and watching a show when I heard the sliding of four little paws followed by a couple of steady bumps. Yes, it was a typical day in my household and once again my two dogs had found a way to surpass…
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