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I am a semi retired Green Keeper, Course Superintendent, Gardener of Golf courses. I started my career as a Land Surveyor in the then Rhodesia. Trans-located to South Africa and continued in my chosen career. I developed a computer program for Golf course financial analysis, and that is where I'm at now. the program is being encoded and prepared for Beta testing... nearing sales time... wonderful.. The program nearing completion, good news, with interest from throughout the world. The computer program continues to grow as we develop and has become so much more than what we originally started with. I have completed a document book, or a reference book that aids the Golf industry with legal compliance within the fields of Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as the Environmental Act, it is centered on the South African market. 360 pages, 120 000 words all thanks in part to Street Articles, that allowed me to hone my writing skills. Published now and selling, what a reward for something that started off as a time filler. I still have two books on the computer nearing completion, that are for the fun of writing about my life and experiences in the wilds of Africa. Street Articles has given me a new insight into so much and I love the interchange with fellow Authors. Thanks All.

Ugandan President Makes A Statement
“Terrorism should not exist in Africa.” Africa’s history is rife with stories of terrorism in the past, Congo, Mozambique, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and now training hubs such as the Sudan, are ensuring more terrorism's spread. Uganda, Mali, Somalia, Kenya, Mauritania, Chad, Niger and just about every country in…
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Exams? How Best to Study
Studying for exams may be a traumatic experience in anyone’s life. If not tackled correctly students and scholars can suffer “blanks” in the exam room. So how best is it to prepare for exams? Don’t prepare for them! Well not in the final minute in any case. The day before…
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Is there A Future for Employees?
One wonders what does the future hold for the employees of the world. Is there a shining light that might encourage them? Is there a depression on the way that far exceeds that of the “Great Depression” of the pre-second world war? Has technology become such that the comics of…
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Balancing Enthusiasm And Despondency In Sales
The circle of sales. How do you balance enthusiasm against despondency re the sales of a product? You have a brain child for which you are enthusiastic, it can and will save people money, but people are not beating down your door to buy it. The result, despondency. So what…
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Terratry; An Analytical Golf Course Management Program
Terratry a software package developed by a Keeper of the Greens. How would terratry help a golf course when it is not a maintenance program, or tell one when to apply chemicals or fertilisers? It’s not an accounting package, not even a time keeping program. So how will it help…
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Growing Excitement About A Product - “terratry”
“terratry” an analytical golf course management software. There comes a time when a product reaches a stage of completion and not only the business owners get excited, but prospective customers do as well. We have reached that stage with “terratry”, a software program for golf courses. A program I created…
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Street Articles – So Much More Than A Forum
Writing Articles on Street Articles. It has been a while now since I wrote an article on this Forum, and why is that you ask? Well I've just been too busy with our company work, testing my computer program, developing it further as we discover more possibilities and completing my…
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Bird Life In The Kruger National Park – Lake Panic
A bird hide of photographic opportunities. Lake Panic, a dam situated near the Skukuza Main Rest Camp in the Kruger National park, is a must visit site of the Park for any visitor excited about bird life. The hide, situated on the end of the dam opposite to the retaining…
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Kruger National Park's Lions – Having their Annual Eye Test
Did you know, lion apparently only see in black and white? Who and how was this fact established? Is there an annual eye-test done on the Lions of the Kruger? Does the local Optometrist or doctor of Optometry, pack up all his tools of the trade and go ahead in…
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Writing An Instruction Manual – The Difficulties Encountered
Writing an outstanding instruction manual, a difficult thing to do. You've just received your new cellphone, camera, or such new electronic wonder and while charging the batteries, you start to read the instruction manual. This can come in two forms, a PDF format or booklet, both starting with the basics,…
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Writing An Instruction Manual – The Difficulties Encountered
Writing an outstanding instruction manual, a difficult thing to do. You've just received your new cellphone,…