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More years than I can remember in the Software and Internet industry. Worked with many companies, in different market sectors worldwide. Strengths are delivering projects and products using my knowledge of Software Development including desktop, mobile and online environments especially when I can combine my technical skills with business development.

When not working you will find me cycling, snowboarding, cooking, hanging out in cafes and/or with my family.

Graduate of Leicester Polytechnic, United Kingdom (now Leicester University)

Historic Associations and Memberships Princes Trust mentor Member of China Britain Business Council Member of Business Network International Member of TWAIN, Global Imaging software standards organisation Member of PITCOM, British Government Parliament Information Technology Committee Member of E-Center Bar coding committee, Bar Coding standards organisation


Barcelona Airport Is This An Airport Or Shopping Center
Barcelona Airport otherwise known as El Prat (IATA code BCN) is Spain’s second largest airport. In 2011 is handled 34.4 million passengers, up 15% on 2010, over 300,000 aircraft arrived and departed carrying over 96.5 thousand tonnes of cargo according to the airport operator AENA. The airport has two terminals.…
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Vacation Rentals And the Value Of Currency
Consumers that book vacation rental property do so from all over the world. Whilst many will stay in properties in their own country, many will venture overseas. In 2011 according to European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry Over 250 million people living in the European Union made international holiday…
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Vacation Rentals, the Importance Of Language
This may seem obvious but the vacation rental travel/accommodation business is global, we all do it, all over the world. However, the majority of the worlds accommodation providers insist on “doing it” just for those in certain groups - usually their own language and maybe one other, typically English.According to…
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Great Customer Service And Lasagne In Blue Lagoon Spain
Customer Service is one of the main reasons why anyone returns to a shop or business more than once. Often good customer service is hard to find. I thought I would share this recent experience which combined the worst and the best and the difference it has made. Whilst preparing…
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Playa Flamenca Beach, Stunning Views And Year Round Life
This beach is actually more than one. Playa Flamenca is a group of urbanisations on the Costa Blanca coast just south of Torrevieja Spain. These urbanisations run down to the sea. The sandy beach itself is small. No more than 50m wide. Next to the beach land juts out into…
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La Zenia Beach, One Of the Best on the Costa Blanca
Just south of Torrevieja and just beyond Playa Flamenca beach is La Zenia beach. One of the more exclusive areas south of Torrevieja, La Zenia has a split personality. The N332 coastal route splits La Zenia in two. The “La Zenia” roundabout is nothing more than a roundabout but it…
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How to Write Great Text for Your Vacation Rental Property
When describing your property for rental you have a choice. You can “knock out” your text or you can invest a little time in “doing it right”. There are benefits if you do it right – it will help you rent or sell your property! Many vacaonrental property sites require…
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How to Add A Skype “call Me” Button to Your Website
Adding a Skype “Call me” button requires inserting a small piece of text onto your page. This should be not much more than a “cut and paste” exercise. Modifying your website is usually the easiest issue with this process. You need to consider that you are effectively adding a “telephone…
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Vacation Rentals And The Rrights And Wrongs Of Photographs
Photographs of your property are critical in today’s competitive world of vacation rentals. Anyone looking at your property online will most likely see it in a list next to others. Your photograph at this point can be critical as to whether someone looks further or not. You do not need…
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Murcia San Javier Airport Servant to the Mar Menor Region Of Spain
This small airport, IATA Code MJV, is 3km outside San Javier in the district of Santiago de la Ribera, Spain. Originally constructed as a military airport in 1929 as a joint project between the Spanish Navy and Army. A role which it still serves today as a base for training…
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