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Sooo, I like long walks on the beach.....Just kidding, actually I prefer not to walk long at all and like riding the motorcycle or driving the truck. I started speaking my mind like most did with the expectations to make some extra cash. After working with a great group of proffessionals and learning a new hobby I changed my resons for blogging. Now my reasons are to learn as much as I can about Internet Marketing, building websites,having fun with it, and maybe make a little dough along the way. I am a full time proffessional in the Public Safety proffession, I have 2 great children, and I am a happily almost married man. I plan to launch a new web site within the next few weeks which will be geared towards FFA. I look forward to meeting all of you and wish you luck and good fortune along the way.

Don't Use Profanity In Marlborough, Ma!
Profanity in Marlborough, MA could cost you. Did you hear the word? A town in MA called Marlborough decided to pass a law punishing people for the use of profanity in public! Basically they are saying if found guilty a person could be fined $20.00 for the use of a…
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