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I am a native of Tampa Florida. I am married and have 2 sons who are very spoiled. I Received my Bachelor Degree from Southern Christian University in Montgomery, Alabama where I studied Human Development. I than decided to pursue my Master Degree and with that thought I enrolled in to their Marriage and Family Therapy curriculum which my Degree is still pending because of additional Clinical hours. However while looking for an agency to do my internship/clinical I decided to pursue another Master degree in Business Administration and concentration was Organization Psychology and Development. While taking these course I was Pastoring at a local congregation in this area. I pastor there for over 20 years and only resigned December 2012. I now find myself utilizing all the knowledge that I ascertained to another audience by way of the internet. The things I plan to share with you in my writing will mostly be about Family Matters and Spiritual Matters among other topics that perhaps has to do with leadership,Organization. I personally invite you to add to my commentary if you would like.

Can We Bridge The Gap?
As I remember families to be as I was a child, there seem to be quite a change and not for the better but unfortunately for the worst. When it use to be yes sir and no ma’am, now disrespect and many times separation is our resolve when there is…
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Racism Is Divding And Hurting Families
We write in regards to our humble opinion about families here within the United States of American. We wish to look at all aspects of the dividing factors which cause our families to be dysfunctional and hurting. So much has been said and will be said as we continue the…
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Keeping Hearts Of Family Members
In my opinion, the woman has a divine appointment from Almighty God. This divine appointment is one that creates or destroy morality of members of our families. Now the present issue in regards to womanhood begin its genesis somewhere in the nineteenth century. Because of the feminist movement and the…
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Family Time And Relaxation Equal Solidarity
There are many definitions for the label “solidarity” and three of them comes to mind as I write this article; they are community of feelings, purpose and unionize a group for a particular cause. With that being said, I would love to elaborate on two of these in particular. They…
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The Empty Nest Syndrome
If God grant us the privilege to live long enough after raising a child or children there is a transition that we are faced with noted as; “the empty nest syndrome”. To some folks there is a rough transition but to others it is smooth and full of joy. There…
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Unnecessary Stress In Your Relationship Kills It
Regardless to how much love exist between two people in a relationship, when trouble comes it places weight on a relationship that is sometime fatal. This is because of different reasons and not all relationships are under the same test. However I venture to say that every last relationship that…
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Bill Cosby And Freed - hardeman University
After hearing all of the hearsay and He say I have become very much concern with the United States of America justice system. Moreover I am surprised that most of the derogatory statements comes from minority. Umm, I wonder why? A 77 year old man who has been a role…
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Unwanted Stress In A Relationship Create Killing
I trust that this article help someone or cause them to think seriously about companionship. I express the serious of this article because it is personal and truth. If you took the time to read my profile, you already learned that I went to grad school to study about family…
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Putting Our Fingers On The Right Stressor In Our Marriage
Stress Is A Silent Killer In our last article we concluded that stress actually is the primary stimuli that destroy marriages and or family. With that said, I wish to continue to simplify that premise from that article. Define Stress Stress is known to impact our emotions. Stress Is not…
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The Greatest Skill Needed to Have A Happy Marriage
My premise has always derived from the Word of God for some unknown reason. Perhaps it is because the Word is where I get my value system. It also could be that the greatest skill set is gained from the bible. But also without a doubt I am definitely empowered…
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