Robert TeVrucht (Street Articles Author)

Dr. Robert TeVrucht (aka Dr. Bob) has been publishing articles crossing such diverse subjects as weight loss, going green and coin collection for several years.

He enjoys helping people better understand their health and hobbies.

Dr. Bob has earned doctorates in Theology (ThD), Divinity (D.Div.) and Ministry (D.Min). He has also managed numerous projects for large corporations.

Dr. Bob is a professional researcher in that he will take a topic and research as much of the current literature as is possible. He has learned to take that information and turn it into small, understandable pieces. Dr. Bob then conveys that information to people who are interested in learning or have a need to make personal changes, but who do not have the time or resources to study the information and organize it into usable steps that can be applied to their personal lives.

The photo shown on Dr. Bob's profile is of a hammock on the beach of a Caribbean island. It is important because it reminds him that life is more than a race from one place to another. He knows that we must all re-charge our batteries from time to time and live in the slow lane.

Dr Bob's Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
Affiliate marketing is not passive. It requires effort and dedication. There is no easy, sit back and do nothing method of affiliate marketing. Sorry if that disappoints you, but the only way to attain the lifestyle you desire without working is to choose your ancestors better. Too late for that.…
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