Roberta Chukanak (Street Articles Author)

I am from village in the Bristol Bay, but am currently living here in Anchorage, AK since the year 2005. I am currently taking my Associate of Arts degree then will be working my way up to my Master’s degree. I have always wanted the opportunity to work for my Corporation, or help my people in this region in some way. I have chosen this business field to do my best to become a professional business Woman in Alaska, and passing my knowledge down to my children and our people in the future. I have a 100% desire in working for the Bristol Bay Native Corporation, serving my people, and to help job opportunities grow and succeed in our community. I am looking forward to becoming a well needed asset to this region, and to our State. I currently have a GPA of 3.83, and am working hard to get my GPA up to a 4.0.

How I Make Suncatchers
While there are many great arts and crafts, making Sun catcher’s is my favorite, because of the beautiful display in the window when it is finished, and the beautiful view of the sun bouncing off the beads! I have learned how to make Sun catcher’s when I was in Fairbanks…
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What is Really In Bottled Water
Even though people love drinking bottled and think that it is healthier than tap water, bottled water may not be good as we may think because contaminants such as bisphenol found in bottled water and causing health problems. The more that we reuse plastic water bottles, the more bisphenol bleeds…
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Is Eating Meat As Healthy As We Think
While many people enjoy meat, it is not as healthy as we thought, because of evidence proving red meat is hazardous to people’s health. Every time we consume meat we risk getting E. coli poisoning, or any other health hazards. There was a boy who ate only “a quarter” of…
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The Beauty Of Alaska
Even though there are many other places in the world which are beautiful, Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on Earth because it is surrounded by mountains lakes and other beautiful sceneries and the Northern Lights. Many people in other parts of the World think that people still…
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