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VPN Service Providers - 3 Amazing Tips
Choosing a VPN service provider isn't easy. To tell you the truth, there's a lot of B.S. to sift through to find what you want. I've been using various VPN service providers for about two years now, and even blog on the topic. Here's what I've learned, and hopefully you…
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IP Address Hiding Software That Actually Works
There are a wide range of reasons why you might want to use IP address hiding software. It can get you past firewalls at work and school. It can unblock internet censorship in places like China, Vietnam, UAE, and other places in Asia and The Middle East. It can erase…
By:  in  Computers and Technology   Dec 12, 2012  
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Vpn - Dedicated Ip Address For High Quality Privacy
Using a VPN means that you surf the internet anonymously. But not all VPN services provide the same level of quality when it comes to customer support, server speed, and overall customer experience. One problem that many VPN and proxy users face is that of shared IP addresses. Because of…
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Are Private IP Addresses For Normal People?
What is the deal with a private IP address? What's everyone so worried about? I've got nothing to hide. Ok, so check out this scenario: You walk into the grocery store and swipe your credit card. The cash register brings up your name, address, telephone number, and everything you've ever…
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Private Web Surfing - Privacy Online
Is your privacy important to you? Probably. What you might not know is that your privacy is at risk every time you connect to the internet. Now I don't want this to sound like one of those conspiracy theory 'the government is watching you!' type warnings, but from a technical…
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Anonymous VPN Service - 3 Misconceptions
Many people want to us an anonymous VPN service to hide their IP address. When you sign up, you should know a bit about VPN services, what they offer, what you should be looking for, and what to avoid. I started using VPN services a while back when I lived…
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Hidemyass Provpn Service December 2012
HideMyAss is one of the biggest players in the VPN industry, both in popularity, and in network size. You can find the details of their service below, but the main message of this article is that they are offering special prices for the December holiday season. Details can also be…
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Guide To VPN Services - Expert Tips For Noobs
There are a lot of services out there that claim to be the best VPN service. The problem is, how can they call be the best? Well, they can't. It seems that each user's experience is unique, so what works for me, might not work for you. I blog about…
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South African Ip Address: Vpn Vs Proxy
It is possible to change your IP address, and it's possible to get an IP address from South Africa. While US and UK IPs are probably the most popular IP locations, there are a wide variety of locations available through VPN services, and one of them is in South Africa.…
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Get A New Zealand Ip Address In Germany
If you are living in Germany, you have the ability to access a large amount of websites and content, yet this access remains restricted. I’m not talking about censorship, instead, I’m referring to the way that content within countries is restricted based on IP address. This can make it beneficial…
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