Roger B Shann (Street Articles Author)

Roger lives in the North West of England and is in a medical related profession. He is particularly concerned with healthy eating and lifestyle.

His indulgences however do include a love of fine food and drink, including wine and malt whiskies.

Roger and his wife Norah-Lynne love to travel and have spent several very happy summers on the Isle of Skye recently.

Other interests include cycling, photography and walking.

They are lucky enough to be allowed to share their home with 2 cats. Molly and Gracy. Molly can be found on Facebook and Twitter as The Mollsa.

The Donald Trump Scotland Golf Course Controversy
Donald Trump has recently been in the news, but for all the wrong reasons. To understand more we must first take a look at what he has been up to recently. Simply put he has built a golf course, Aberdeen being the nearest large centre of population it is up…
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What is Whisky Black Fungus, Is it Dangerous
What is It Whisky fungus is an organism that grows near to distilleries and, as the name implies, it covers whatever it grows on in a black deposit. This though is also a subject of some dispute. The problem of whisky fungus was first noticed near to distilleries in Eastern…
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Why Are Some Whiskies So Expensive?
Not perhaps a question that springs to everyone’s lips but if you are interested then I will explain why some whisky is so expensive compared with others. I will concentrate mostly on single malt scotch whisky but the same principles apply across the whole range. To understand more then we…
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Whyte And Mackay Oil Leak, A Blot on The Whisky Industry
The Offence Scotch whisky producers Whyte and MacKay were fined £9,000 on Monday 16th July over an oil leak that occurred last August. The company pleaded guilty at Tain Sheriff Court. The fuel leaked is described as “fusel oil” and the offence is in contravention of Water Environment regulations The…
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Glen Garioch Whisky Distillery And The Rare Vintage 1995
One of Scotland’s oldest, and situated to the North East of Aberdeen, the most easterly of all the Scottish distilleries, the Glen Garioch Whisky Distillery has recently announced a Vintage 1995 bottling which is sure to excite whisky fans the world over. Here is a little information about the distillery…
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Diageo Scotch Whisky Brands Gets A £1bn Boost
Major whisky distillers Diageo announced on the 6th of June 2012 that their scotch whisky brands are to get a huge shot in the arm with the investment of £1bn over the next few years. This reflects the great optimism that currently surrounds the scotch whisky industry in general. This…
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Johnnie Walker, History and Future of a Brand
Johnnie Walker Whisky comes in several varieties, the best known being Johnnie Walker Red Label and is a major international success story with sales of over £1,000,000,000 worldwide. It was not always so of course and the product we know today came from much humbler beginnings. Johnnie Walker himself lived…
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What is the Health Benefit Of Pet Ownership
Is there a health benefit of pet ownership? In this article I will demonstrate that there are indeed several benefits of pet ownership and not all of them are immediately apparent. Exercise This applies more particularly to dog owners I suppose because every dog, no matter how big or how…
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Peta Kills Animals Yet Pretends to Protect Them
PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an international organization with a budget of about $35M is a great public demonstrator with major stunts to highlight things like the fur trade but how good is it at looking after its own clients ie. the animals it rescues. It is…
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Why Declawing Kittens is Cruel, There are Alternatives To Stop Cats Scratching
Declawing Kittens Why would people ever consider this was necessary? I must admit that cats can be quite destructive if left to their own devices but for them clawing things is a natural process and highly instinctive and although sadly this can result in damage to furniture there are ways…
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