Roger B Shann (Street Articles Author)

Roger lives in the North West of England and is in a medical related profession. He is particularly concerned with healthy eating and lifestyle.

His indulgences however do include a love of fine food and drink, including wine and malt whiskies.

Roger and his wife Norah-Lynne love to travel and have spent several very happy summers on the Isle of Skye recently.

Other interests include cycling, photography and walking.

They are lucky enough to be allowed to share their home with 2 cats. Molly and Gracy. Molly can be found on Facebook and Twitter as The Mollsa.

How To Discipline a Cat Without Any Upset
How to discipline a cat is a thorny problem as far as I am concerned. If carried out the wrong way then it can certainly have unwanted consequences. By this I mean that your feline friend can stop being just that and may even start to avoid you. In this…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Sep 20, 2011  
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Toxoplasma In Cats, Why It Is Important
Toxoplasma in Cats is pretty common and here I will explain what it is, why it is potentially very dangerous to we humans and what you can do to stop it being a problem for you. Toxoplasma Gondii is a single celled (protozoa) parasite responsible for the disease known as…
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How Your Cat, Facebook And Twitter Fit Into the Online World
Cat? Facebook? Not words that you would usually string together in one sentence or phrase not so long ago, but nowadays it is a pretty much accepted that in the online world things have changed and changed in a big way. This revolution in social interaction has resulted in one…
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Training Cats to Stay Off Counters
Why should we cat lovers care about training cats to stay off counters? The answer to me is pretty obvious but maybe not to fanatic cat lovers. Do you really want to be preparing food for your self and your guests on a surface that has freshly used cat litter…
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New Highland Park Viking Brand for Duty Free
How many of you buy duty free when you travel? Do you like to treat your self to something special now and again or are you on the look out for a bargain as you pass through an airport? Highland Park, which also happens to be Scotland's most northerly distillery…
By:  in  Food and Drink  >  Wine Spirits   Jul 01, 2011  
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The Worlds Most Expensive Whisky, Style Over Substance?
The World's Most Expensive Whisky Personally I consider this to be cheating! The world's most expensive whisky way released this week by Luxury Beverage Company but is it really the whisky that makes it so expensive or is it the packaging. The victory of style over substance. The whisky comes…
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Royal Familys Vineyard at Windsor, Queen Makes Her Own Wine
Queen to Make Wine at Home! I have visions of HRH hard at work with a hand fruit press and the Duke of Edinbugh pulping apples with a sword but the truth is simpler than that though. The Royal family it seems are to have their own vineyard at Windsor…
By:  in  Food and Drink  >  Wine Spirits   May 05, 2011  
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Glenmorangie Whisky Distillery
Glenmorangie Whisky Distillery Glenmorangie Whisky Distillery is the biggest selling whisky distillery in Scotland (although some of its competitors outstrip it in worldwide sales). It is now owned by Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton and their aim seems to be to develop it further as a major international brand. It is…
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Glenfiddich Malt Whisky
Glenfiddich malt whisky is one of the great success stories of Scottish whisky making. It has become a major international brand and is highly thought of around the world. Great things from simple beginnings.Here is a brief history of the Glenfiddich malt whisky distillery, where to find it and where…
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Glengoyne Whisky Distillery
Glengoyne Whisky Distillery advertises itself as Scotland's most scenic although I am sure that there are plenty of other distilleries which are prepared to argue the point.
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