Roger B Shann (Street Articles Author)

Roger lives in the North West of England and is in a medical related profession. He is particularly concerned with healthy eating and lifestyle.

His indulgences however do include a love of fine food and drink, including wine and malt whiskies.

Roger and his wife Norah-Lynne love to travel and have spent several very happy summers on the Isle of Skye recently.

Other interests include cycling, photography and walking.

They are lucky enough to be allowed to share their home with 2 cats. Molly and Gracy. Molly can be found on Facebook and Twitter as The Mollsa.

Dalwhinnie Whisky and the Distillery
Dalwhinnie whisky distillery produces an excellent malty, slightly peaty and honey toned single malt whisky. Here is a potted history of the distillery and where to find out more.
By:  in  Food and Drink  >  Wine Spirits   Feb 11, 2011  
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Buy Whisky Online, Three Reasons Why You Should
Why is it a good idea to buy whisky online? Let me give you three reasons why I think it is a great idea.
By:  in  Food and Drink  >  Wine Spirits   Feb 03, 2011  
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Making Cider at Home
If you want to know about making cider at home then let me tell you of my experience and show you how to use up those apples to produce a delicious drink albeit one with a kick.
By:  in  Food and Drink  >  Home Brewing   Jan 24, 2011  
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Good Diets that Work Fast, Where Do You Find One
It must be the ultimate aim of weight loss to find good diets that work fast. Are they really out there or are you just being assailed with over selling and dodgy science wherever you look.
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Weight Loss   Jan 23, 2011  
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How to make homemade wine
If you want to know how to make homemade wine then look no further as I look at wine making for beginners. Although conventionally wine is made from fermented grape juice it is actually possible for you produce an alcoholic drink of the same strength as wine with any number…
By:  in  Food and Drink  >  Wine Spirits   Jan 23, 2011  
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