Roger Brian Shann (Street Articles Author)

Roger lives in the northwest of England in the beautiful Lake District. He is married to Norah-Lynne and is a grandfather.

Roger is in a medical related profession and is in part time practice. the remainder of the working week he spends developing a growing career in Internet Marketing. He runs several websites with his main aim being to help others become succesful online themselves.

His hobbies include photography, walking, and food and drink. He is a member of the Campaign for Real Ale.

Roger contributes to several internet forums but especially to Wealthy Affiliate which is where he learned his marketing skills.

Ready for A Career Change at 50? My Personal Story
Are you looking for a career change at 50 and not sure how to start? Then let me tell you my own personal story and where it has brought me to so far. I am now in my mid fifties and have been doing the same job since 1978. Admittedly…
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Website Ideas That Make Money, Things to Try And Things to Avoid
If you were to type into Google "make money online" you would be presented with literally millions of search results. For any one starting out trying to make an income this way then it is potentially a minefield, so here are just a few ideas that I have picked up…
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Fancy a Career Change Online? A Few Ideas for You.
Fancy a Career Change Online? Well here are a few ideas to get you going. First thing you have to ask yourself is why do you want a career change? Perhaps you have no choice, in today's economic climate redundancies are a real problem and the economy is only recovering…
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Is Alex Salmond Like Hitler?
Never a stranger to controversy, British historian David Starkey said that Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond is like Hitler. The comment was made at a debate at the Bow Group think tank on the subject of British history teaching in UK schools “A Caledonian Adolf Hitler” was actually the term…
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The New Wealthy Affiliate Review, What is OEP About
What is OEP I hear you saying? In this all new Wealthy Affiliate review I will tell you a bit more and perhaps raise your curiosity to learn more still for yourself. What is Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affiliate was set up by Kyle and Carson originally as just a keyword…
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How to Market Your Website, How to Get Traffic
How to Market Your Website If you have a website and want to sell from that site then it is important to get traffic (visitors) to the site. You could just put the site up and hope to get people visiting but unless everything is done right then you will…
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Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic Arrested
May 26th 2011 Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic has finally been arrested after sixteen years in hiding. He was indicted for war crimes and genocide in 1995 and has more or less been on the run ever since. This has big implications for modern Serbia but here is a brief…
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How To Change Careers at 50, Step Into The Future
I will try to get you started on the right direction if you really are serious about finding out how to change careers at 50 1) Why precisely do you want to change? If you ask your self that question then you will be well on the way to actually…
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Changing Careers at 50, It Can Be In Your Grasp
Changing Careers at 50 So many people get into a rut and going through a midlife crisis, changing careers at 50 seems like a very attractive idea. Just throwing every thing aside and going for it can be very tempting but very frightening at the same time. My aim is…
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Donald Trump Demands to See Osama Bin Laden Death Certificate
Donald Trump Demands to See Osama Bin Laden Death Certificate or There is Nothing Like a Good Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy theorists the world over will never ever be satisfied or that was the gist of President Obama's speech when he made his own announcement about the death of Osama Bin…
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