Roger Brian Shann (Street Articles Author)

Roger lives in the northwest of England in the beautiful Lake District. He is married to Norah-Lynne and is a grandfather.

Roger is in a medical related profession and is in part time practice. the remainder of the working week he spends developing a growing career in Internet Marketing. He runs several websites with his main aim being to help others become succesful online themselves.

His hobbies include photography, walking, and food and drink. He is a member of the Campaign for Real Ale.

Roger contributes to several internet forums but especially to Wealthy Affiliate which is where he learned his marketing skills.

What is A Niche Product, Why Would You Want to Find One
What is a niche product and why would you want to find one? If you are just starting out in internet marketing (IM) then you will probably have come across the term niche products or niche marketing. In this article I will give you a bit of insight into just…
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do you need a website to make money online
Do you need your own website to make money online? Once upon a time I would have told you no. You do not need a website to make money on-line. Now the answer is not quite so clear. The big player in the internet (Google if you had not guessed)…
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Making Money Online From Home
Making Money Online From Home: Can you do it your self? This is a very common question and one that has many answers. First you have to ask yourself why you want to start making money online from home. Are you struggling to pay off debts? Are you looking to…
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How do Websites Make Money?
How do websites make money and most importantly can you do it yourself? There are quite a few ways that websites can make money and yes it is entirely possible for anyone to make money by using on or more techniques to make a second income, or in some cases…
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How to Work From Home With Google
A guide to making money on-line from home using Google. Work from home "with" Google is the title of this article not I hope you will notice "for" Google. I would like to introduce you to the concept of using the world's biggest search engine to help you to make…
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Islay Malt Whisky
Islay Malt Whisky Distillery One particularly fine example of the distillers art is Islay Malt Whisky. The brands from this beautiful island tend to be very distinctive and once tried, rarley forgotton. Islay Malt Whisky does tend to the peaty side and indeed so much so in some cases that…
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