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Rigging It Right For Inshore Fishing
To catch fish consistently you need to know how to rig properly with the correct tackle. When fishing Inshore I use 2 different rigs. The first rig is very simply called a Free Line Rig. This is exactly what it sounds like. You tie your main line to your Fluorocarbon…
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The Debt Is On A Rocket Ride, Our Economy Is On Life Support
The debt ceiling was raised. Woo Hoo. Yea Right. So why is the stock market dropping like a lead duck? Because our administration refuses to lower the debt by reducing their spending. Reminds me of a kid with their first credit card. They say "I can handle paying down my…
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How to Start Saltwater Fishing
So you have decided you want to start Saltwater Fishing. To begin fishing in saltwater you will need to purchase a Florida saltwater license. This can be achieved either over the phone, online, or the third alternative is to go to one of your retail sporting goods stores to purchase…
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Are You Fishing Or Catching?
A lot of people that I have met, one of the first things that they say when talking about fishing is "I love to fish, but I never catch anything or I don't catch very much". If I have heard that once I have heard that a thousand times. I…
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