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My name is Roger Wells and I lead a strange life drifting between chaos and order, a life based on a decision I made a long time ago, that I would rather live by my wits and creativity than by employment in the enterprise of another … so I make a living from many different sources, and sometimes it's easy, and sometimes it's extremely hard, but it's always satisfying. I love travelling and am currently in travel tales can be found at

In the early 1970's I completed a BA in Fine Art at RMIT majoring in painting.

After graduating I went on to be a singer and songwriter in an Australian band, The Little Heroes. For what it was, my band was as successful as it could have been – we had a hit record, released three albums, toured all over the place and indulged in all the vices that go with that way of life, and I enjoyed it all immensely, particularly writing and recording.

But in the end, the success we had only served to demonstrate just how unsatisfying my teenage dreams of fame and success had become. I reached my thirties feeling numb, worn out and totally confused. I no longer knew what I wanted anymore and I realised if I didn't rebuild myself and my aspirations, I risked wasting the rest of my life pursuing more of the same, simply for the lack of a new vision.

So, in 1985 I left the band, and the music industry that had formed the stimulating, but mind numbing cocoon in which I had lived for the last ten years.

And now, though I don’t perform, I continue to write and record songs when I get the chance and always have a guitar with me. I believe my years of song writing helped me with my writing later on.

After leaving the music industry I became fascinated with Vipassana meditation.

Following my fascination, beginning in 1991, I spent months, then years (cumulatively speaking) in Thailand in a number of monasteries, being trained in various methods of Vipassana meditation, working under different Acharns.

This inspired me to write two books about meditation - ‘Happy to Burn’ was published in 1997 followed by ‘Love & Imagination’. Both these books can be downloaded for free from my website I have recently used my written works as the basis for the Practical Meditation Audio Course which has now been released - also available from my website. When I am in Australia I do corporate work teaching meditation.

To date I have been training people in meditation methods for over fifteen years.

In 2004 my first novel, ’Levin’s God’ was published in Australia - a story of unrestrained ambition and its cost.

I am currently in the final stages of another novel, amongst other projects.

My other passions aside from writing and playing the guitar are painting, drawing and photography ... and, of course, travel.

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