Rohan Flegler (Street Articles Author)


I'm Rohan. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I'm a very keen forex trader and website developer.

Both of which I make me happy some days and sad the next. However, I do love doing it and wouldn't change my passion for anything. Except, maybe to become a rockstar.

I like to read books on ancient history. I also like to read biographies and autobiographies about actors, politicians and controversial people ie. Bernie Madoff.

I like to think I'm a good person except when it comes to football, then perhaps I'm a little narrow minded and biased. North Queensland Cowboys are the best rugby league side going.

I try to keep fit by going to the gym or running but I'm always plagued with an injury or it's just too cold.

Cheers for checking in on me anyway


Entry Signal Over - rated
It's a wonderful feeling when you've discovered you have an edge on the markets. I also used to jump from one entry signal to another. Basically my mental barrier was the need to have a strategy that had more wins than losses or as the experts say the need to…
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