Ronnie Murdoch Eaton (Street Articles Author)

Ho,ho,home Based Business
Ho boy !! - One can certainly say - Ho, Ho, Home Based Business. I am so very fortunate, and do not take it for granted for one minute. It is as times like this, when it is so very cold, that I am extremely excited to be working from…
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Embrace Life
How very fortunate I was tonight. I do not have a television and even if I did, I would not use it very often. It would be mainly for sport and then to watch events, such as the Queen's Jubilee. I chose to stop watching television in 1993, not that…
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Generosity Goes A Long Way
Generosity, how many of us actually are and how many of us think we are generous? I awoke and logged on line today , to find that a world known artist has offered his artwork for free! I was amazed, as this man can command R 100 000-00 for a…
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Aim For The Stars ! They Are There !
I received the tremendous news today , "Ronnie, you are off to the UK in July 2012, all paid for!". Well, you can imagine my face, it was slow to begin with and then suddenly it burst into a huge smile. I have done it ! Above all, it has…
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The Amazing Feeling Of Accepting
It is absolutely amazing, as to just how magnificent the feeling of accepting, can leave you feeling inside. We go through life, managing our homes, our families, our business and our jobs. Then later on in life, you found out one day, like I did, from my eldest son. That…
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Success Means Different Things To Different People
What, in fact, IS success ? Most would probably believe it to be, financially well off, living in a huge up market home, driving the latest Ferrari. Many are there and many are successful. However, it has become obvious, in recent years that, success means different things to different people.…
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Smile - And the Whole World Smiles With You
Wow !! I have had a really great day ! Filled with eighteen hours of work, which is actually a lot of fun for me. In between that, I have met a lovely lady of 58 years, who lives just one kilometer away from me. Bought my groceries, returned a…
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Collectors Books
I have recently become very involved in selling books and enjoying it with immense pleasure. It basically all happened by default. I assisted a total stranger in doing admin (as I often do) on a particular page, as he is working on a DVD. The nest thing I knew, was…
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Love Is A Many Magical Thing
I have recently just entered into a relationship, after being on my own (by my choice) for four years. I can honestly say, that this is, without a doubt a feeling of love. Which I have not experienced in 30 years, when my ex husband and I fell in love.…
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Racing Pigeons
Well, I ventured into a new interest today. What began as a stroll through the plot that I live in, became an extremely educational afternoon. The sun was shining, just after a beautiful rainfall and everything seemed clean and fresh. I wandered along the the side of the house, when…
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