Rosaline Phillips (Street Articles Author)

I love writing and have for years wanted to take some time out to write meaningful and hopefully helpful content. I love writing content such as; current news issues/events, romance, fictional, and online work opportunities.

My main reasons for writing about online work opportunities is because I am determined to help others learn about online work so more people are aware that they are many legitimate opportunities out there. Many more of us will soon realize we must begin thinking of non-traditional ways of making money and with the online opportunities, well it's a great way to do so now and it seems to be getting better.

I first started with online work opportunities, but I am in hopes that I am very soon able to write about more of my other favorite things I love writing about. I am also interested in possibly writing children's books, but that will be the near future.

An Online Survey Site Review - Paidviewpoint
PaidViewPoint – How Does This Company Work? PaidViewPoint is a market research company that gathers information from consumers like us by using our responses to surveys we take. These surveys help major companies critique their services, products, packaging, advertisements, social media sites, and websites to better serve consumers. It is…
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Roz Online Job Picks - You Too Can Earn Money Online
Will You Survive in this Economy:In this troubling economy, many have experienced the unfortunate down turn due to huge job loss, cut hours, or no jobs. Our current economy issues have affected many long-term and seasoned workers; oftentimes forcing them into early retirement or at their age, being pushed back…
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Online Jobs Surveying
Apply for Online JobsApplying for online jobs can be simple, easy, and rewarding. Let me first begin with saying, I feel the online surveys are a great way to consider making some extra money. There are survey research sites that will allow you to become a part of their survey…
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