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Hi there! I'm Ryan and I live on the tiny island of Singapore! I'm 21 this year and currently serving my national service. The articles I write are aimed at helping women understand men better and how to keep a man in a relationship. Get to know what men want in women and how to get a man to commit to you! Do check out my articles. Thank you!

How to Understand Men In Relationships
Understanding men in a relationship is not as simple as you might think! Though men are more driven by their needs and desires, they do have their own brand of intricacies and requirements to feel good in a relationship. Men are not all just food and sex! 1: Some men…
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Is He the Wrong Guy?
How can you tell if he is the wrong guy for you? If you're dating a man and you're not sure whether he is right for you or even if he should be around you, fret not! Here are 7 things that the wrong guy for ANY girl will display!…
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Signs He is Ready to Propose
Has your boyfriend been acting strange? Nervous energy, secretive meetings with friends and relatives and he suddenly gives off a different vibe. A safer, more secure vibe. Ladies, your man may just be getting ready to propose. But just in case, for you to be doubly sure, here are 5…
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