Ryan Goettsche (Street Articles Author)

Ryan Goettsche Sensei began his study of Aikido in January 1994 and over those many years earned the rank of yon-dan or 4th degree black belt. Goettsche Sensei has been the head instructor of an Aikido school in Colorado Springs since 2008 and has been affiliated with John Sabo Sensei, founder of Jugensoku Aikido of San Diego and the Colorado Purple Mountain Dojo / Dojang Association. In 2011, Goettsche Sensei opened Aikido Koshin Shuri in Colorado Springs 1.5 miles from the Colorado College campus.

Goettsche Sensei has attended many seminars through the years with Sabo Sensei, Meno Sensei, Saito Sensei, Bookman Sensei, Perello Sensei, Isoyama Sensei, Kashiwaya Sensei, Maida Sensei, Saotome Sensei, Ikeda Sensei, and has spent personal time with each of them discussing Aikido, its history and ultimately its goal to better the world.

Goettsche Sensei is a native of Colorado and resides in Colorado Springs with his wife and three children. He works as a senior database administrator in the Denver area.

Colorado Springs – The Trinity Of Aikido
Both adult students and children have occasionally asked me, “Goettsche Sensei, what is the significance behind the triangle, circle, and square in relation to the martial art of Aikido?” Usually, the only cultural reference students have to this symbol is the famous Leonardo DaVinci sketch, The Vitruvian Man, which acknowledges…
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