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Ebt Mortgage Debt Relief Act And Debt Cancellation
If some who is in debt owes money to a lender of any kind and the debt ends up being cancelled and forgiven the same amount of the money owed may very well become a taxable income. When a mortgage lender is willing to short sale a property and lets…
By:  in  News and Society   May 30, 2011  
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Damn You Autocorrect
Since the world of the iPhones, Smart Phones, and Androids, texting has become a language of it's own and almost a necessity for society today. It used to be much harder to text than it is now. You used to have to hit the number that the letter was on,…
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Obama Debt Relief
The U.S. economy is still suffering in the recession. Job Losses are at an all time high in the last two years. Because of this, Americans are struggling more than ever. They are facing bankruptcy and foreclosure. As of now, the economy has still not fully recovered and we majorly…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   May 18, 2011  
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