S.J. Menon (Street Articles Author)

Through experiences gained from playing club-level rugby for 10 years and serving as a combat medic specialist in the Army, I have had the privilege of receiving medical and nutritonal coaching from expert mentors. Thanks to their excellent advice and the results I saw from implementing their practices, I developed a keen passion for the subjects and spend a good deal of time outside of the scope of my postgraduate studies poring over research journals and expert e-books in an effort to further my knowledge.

As a keen student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing, I find that many amateur trainees are provided with excellent - and yet very tough - physical training without the benefit of nutritional coaching like I had when I played rugby.

I enjoy being able to help you with your training by debunking junk research, Old Wives Tales and supplement industry hoodwinkery and sharing knowledge that is based on solid principles and results.

Thanks for reading and train well!

Best Supplements for MMA Training #1: Protein
Caveat Emptor The supplement industry is notorious for its bullshit-weaving capabilities. Truth is, price is not always the best indicator of quality - and the supplement industry is probably one of the best examples of this. Next time you think about forking out cash for a 200 dollar tub of…
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7 Tips To Speed Recovery From MMA Training
Introduction Ask any trainer about what the most important aspect of training is and you're bound to receive responses more varied than a mixed bag of jelly beans. One thing many fail to mention is the importance of rest and recovery. See, if there's one thing we know about MMA…
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