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Hi! My name is Sandra N. Peoples and I am a published Author. I also provide a concierge service for self-published authors and experts who want to publish their own books but don't have the time to handle all the tasks that go along with publishing themselves. I published a blog in 2011 the centered around the topic of self-publishing, which ended up being read in over nineteen countries. I teach courses both online and off about self-publishing. I have been called 'the guru of self-publishing' and am often the go-to person when people want to get the right information. When I am not talking publishing, I facilitate a Facebook group called Self-Published Authors Making It Work! which is nearing two hundred members, with some from as far away as Australia! I love helping people accomplish their dream of adding 'Published Author' to their resume`.

How Social Is Your Book Marketing?
Need To Sell More Books? Be More Social. There is a sad misconception in the publishing industry. Many authors tend to think that just because they wrote a book, success is going to magically find them. They think that they don't have to take out the time to get to…
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