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Hello every one, I' m Sarah and I' m from Italy. I left my beautiful country to go and live and have fun in London and I stayed there for more than 7 years, than I left and came here in South America with my Colombian husband. I work as a secretary in the afternoons, in my spare time I teach Italian online and I ‘ m now getting into the world of Internet marketing. I have a passion about cooking, animals and dancing. I love enjoying my life at full as tomorrow you don’t know what is going to happen . I love writing and telling you about my knowledge, I am always keen to learn new things. I speak three languages fluently and would love to learn at least one more, I am not sure if French, Portuguese or Chinese, I am still thinking about it, or you could suggest me one!

Managing A Car Work Shop
Every business needs the attention of his owner, I think we all agree that when you want your business working properly you have to be there, but also we live in a planet where there are thousands of big chains that obviously you can't have the owner in every branch.…
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A Veggie Day For My Vegetarian Friends
In every diet should be included a vegetarian day as the Food Guide Pyramid show us. Eating meat every day is not good as we all know and having it a couple of times daily, it´s even worse. (By meat I mean meat not eggs!). So let´s write about a…
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A Fancy Dinner
Fancy dinner Have you ever wondered what to cook when having special guests for dinner or lunch? What an emblem!!! Well I am going to help you to prepare a beautiful dinner. As a starter you will offer: Aperitif: Fish flying cocktail For one serving 50 ml Gin 25 ml…
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Working Abroad For The First Time
It is hard enough to work every day for your living, but I may assure you that there is much more difficult when you start working in a country that is not the one in where you were born. Yes, I am one of the millions who left his mother…
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Your Car In The Mechanic Shop
Taking your car to the mechanic shop could be a big head ache, but is not a big problem if you take it regularly to be checked. If you have a new car it is obligatory to take it to the shop after 1000 kilometers of travel, then your car…
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Pompeii at the Time Of the Eruption
We all know that city called Pompeii that disappeared under a river of lava in 79 D.C. in Italy. Pompeii is one of the most significant witness of the roman civilization and it’s presented as an open book on the costume, culture, art, jobs and on the daily life of…
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Beef Wellington
This is an amazing recipe. I am quite happy to find a famous English recipe, so unusual. The name came after the Duke of Wellington and his love for meat, mushroom, wine and pate. Other theory is that this recipe is the variant of the French recipe Beuf au crouton.…
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Resetting Your Computer
Many times we do not know what to do when our computer fail to operate properly, normally fails are produced by a virus in our machine, today is very easy to install antivirus but is also very easy to have a new virus that our “free” antivirus cannot detect, it…
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The Pain Threshold
Who much hurts the same whack received by two different people? And you, do you feel the same pain today as you felt yesterday for a whack of the same characteristics? It is possible to measure pain intensity and certify its impact? The Pain, perhaps the oldest and most loyal…
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Sugar Reality
Ever thought of analyzing sugar? Legends say that in the Polynesians Island was the first place that sugar was used. Around the 325 B.C. Alexander the Great said that in the East, you could find a honey which didn’t need any bees for the production. But the Arabs were the…
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