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Hello every one, I' m Sarah and I' m from Italy. I left my beautiful country to go and live and have fun in London and I stayed there for more than 7 years, than I left and came here in South America with my Colombian husband. I work as a secretary in the afternoons, in my spare time I teach Italian online and I ‘ m now getting into the world of Internet marketing. I have a passion about cooking, animals and dancing. I love enjoying my life at full as tomorrow you don’t know what is going to happen . I love writing and telling you about my knowledge, I am always keen to learn new things. I speak three languages fluently and would love to learn at least one more, I am not sure if French, Portuguese or Chinese, I am still thinking about it, or you could suggest me one!

Ecuador, A Country to Explore
Ecuador is a country in South America, between Colombia and Peru. It’s a volcanic country as it has around 75 volcanoes active and inactive. In the surrender of the capital Quito there are six. The Archipelago Galapagos also belongs to the Ecuadorian Government and all the islands have origin volcanic.…
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The History Of English Raves
The London rave scene was born around the 1989 and quickly spread around the country. The main music was Acid House and few years late replaced by Oldskool. The legend says that raves started to push away hooligans from the football scene and close them inside a festival where they…
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San Andres Island is A Place to Visit
Not everyone knows the San Andres Archipelago. It’s situated 230 kilometres from Nicaragua Coast, in the Caribbean Sea. The Archipelago comprises of three islands: San Andres, Providence and Santa Catalina. Politically belongs to Colombia, but there was a long dispute over this century between Colombia and Nicaragua on the ownership…
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Online Teaching Tips
Today I want to share with you some tips on Online Teaching. If you are a qualified teacher or you want to become one, this article is for you. There are plenty of website that offer you to work as a teacher; some of them ask a high fee to…
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The Summer is Magic
How much I miss the summer. Those long days, when the light of the sun ends at nine o´clock and the warm wind brushes your cheeks with a light touch. In the planet Earth there are two main summers. In the North Hemisphere, summer officially starts on the 21 June,…
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The Big Disaster Of This Decade Explained
Think about all the seismic activity that happens all over the world. Where you aware of that? Many people are not and I can guarantee that your eyes will sparkle with surprise as they were mine. Do you remember what happened in that year on Christmas Eve in Asia? The…
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A Unique Love Story
All started on the second week of February 2009 when a cat who used to walk on the roofs where I work (I work in an Automotive work shop) made her appearance with young kittens. After two weeks she‘d be killed by a car and the litter left alone. So…
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