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It is quite an interesting, challenging and satisfying responsibility to work as the Minister of State, Government of Maharashtra. I am highly obliged and thankful to Hon Smt. Soniaji Gandhi, Hon Shri Rahulji Gandhi for their guidance and support. Also I am grateful to the Chief Minister Hon. Shri Prithviraj Chavan and all my seniors at Congress who have shown faith in me and my working abilities. I am committed to take a stand against whatever is wrong in the society and strive to achieve betterment of society. I seek to tread the path of dialogue and cooperation and work together with all citizens to build a new and bright future not only for Maharashtra or for India but for the whole Humanity. To this eternal quest of Social Service I pledge my devotion, commitment and my life. Do keep your blessing and wishes with me

:the Young Dynamic Leadership
In the political outdoors theater of Maharashtra Satej [Bunty] D Patil is as prominent and prestigious as the Kolhapuri Silver enrichments are on the planet market. The political life trip of this youthful extravagant and visionary force of Karveer is blossoming with endowments of Shree Mahalaxmi, capable heading and enduring…
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