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I am a Internet Radio Producer/Host for Mixture of Arts Radio on BlogTalkRadio, which airs every Monday nights at 1am EST.

I'm also a Internet Marketer and Journalist that makes money with Affiliate Programs using Article Marketing. I offer local business owners a service that drives traffic to their website and business.

I also offer help to struggling affiliate Marketers of people that want their own online business or work a part time job working from home.

I enjoy writing, internet, marketing, radio, arts, craft, and acting.

Get Rid Of the Other Woman Today
I assume you are looking for ways to get rid of the other woman. Am I correct? I don't blame you, who is she anyway to try to take what's yours? Don't you just despise females like these? The ones that try to take a man away from his wife…
By:  in  Relationships   Dec 22, 2011  
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In Love With Mr Wrong?
Feeling like you're in love with Mr. Wrong suck doesn't it? I know exactly how you feel, because at one point in time, I was in love with Mr. Wrong. What makes up Mr. Wrong anyway? What are some characteristics of this bad guy? Crazy thing about loving a guy…
By:  in  Relationships  >  Love   Dec 22, 2011  
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Saytue Sayewhat Saye - Who is She And Her Bio
Many people are curious to know who Saytue “Sayewhat” is Saye. Are you one of them? Besides, the name is more so unexpected from what you may think it really stand for. In this article, I will give you a bio telling you who Saytue “Sayewhat” Saye is and what…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Internet Marketing   Dec 22, 2011  
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Dealing With Emotions - 3 Best Ways After A Breakup Or Divorce
Emotion is a very deep aspect of our soul that take control of us if we don't know how to control it. Our emotions is so profound that it's the number one reason why folks act crazy, get depressed, get lonely, and be happy. Whatever that is causing your emotions…
By:  in  Relationships   Dec 21, 2011  
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Is the Wealthy Affiliate A Good Place to Be When Starting A Business?
What do you think? Is the Wealthy Affiliate a good place to be when starting a business? I don't want to sound phony, but yes, it is, and I have a few reasons. Most people like to interact with other people, because it helps to learn better and faster in…
By:  in  Business  >  Entrepreneurialism   Dec 15, 2011  
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Affiliate Marketing for Dummies - Free Guide
Most of the time when I see folks looking for a guide that's for dummies, I often wonder why they call it for "dummies". I sure wouldn't want to be called a dummy, but I guess whatever the niche is, they have no clue about it and want to learn…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online   Dec 13, 2011  
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Ideas for A Website - Super Tips
It's extremely important to have a plan when building a business. Afterall, looking for ideas for a website is basically an online enterprise. If you have no idea on where to begin for your new business, I suggest you start with the basics. Starting with the basics will not only…
By:  in  Internet and Businesses Online  >  Web Development   Dec 13, 2011  
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5 Ways to Get Him to Beg You to Take Him Back Advice
Do you really want hin to beg you to take him back? You have to show it by force. Don't be like the rest of the unsuccessful women that lose their opportunity. In this article I will give you 5 ways to get him to beg you to take him…
By:  in  Relationships   Dec 12, 2011  
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Advice for A Broken Heart
This article is only for a broken heart that need to be restored with happiness, not sadness. It sucks to be broken hearted and I'm sure you can't stand it. It's been a long time since I've been heart broken, but I got over it kind of quickly. In this…
By:  in  Relationships   Dec 12, 2011  
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Social Networking Good Or Bad- Which One is It?
What do you think? Is social networking good or bad? Honestly, social networking is what you make it. Most of us make it as a fun way to communicate with friends and family, but what about using it to make money for our business? Does that sound like a good…
By:  in  Business  >  Ethics   Dec 05, 2011  
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