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Hello everyone at Street articles.My name is Scott Newkirk I live in Newark Ohio.Im new here so i just want to get my face out there and let you know what im all about.For as long as i can remember i have had a passion about computers, the internet, and technology.When im not busy working on my business my other passion is playing video games.Im kinda new to writing articles but im ready to learn all i can from everyone on really excited about getting into the world of affiliate marketing, and internet marketing.Anyone who is willing to teach me a thing or two im open to anything and everything you have to say.I look forward to meeting everyone on here.

What the Wealthy Affiliate University Can Do for You
Are you tired of hearing about all the success stories of people who are making money online? Would you like to know what the wealthy affiliate university can do for you? Well, we have all been hearing about stories like this for years and years now. Until now, there has…
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Getting Started In A Work at Home Business
Starting your own online business can be quite a challenge especially if you don’t have any idea where to start. First, I will tell you what all you will need to get started. Every business requires hard work to succeed, and an online business is no different. You should pick…
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How Electronics And Movies Have Changed Over the Years
It is crazy how much movies have changed since I was a kid. I remember Back when we had black and white movies, they were good back then now we have 3D high definition. I used to love VHS tapes and I had quite a collection of them too. I…
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How to Avoid Getting Scammed
Hello there today I wanted to share another recent experience I had with a so called mystery shopper job. This just happened to Me about a week and a half ago. Now I know that mystery shopper jobs exist because I have had several people that I know do them.…
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Finding the Right Home Based Business
As many of you might already know,finding the right home business can be more challenging than you think.Let me share with you my past experiences,i have done just about everything. My latest ventures is from a company called Ameriplan,i thought this was going to be my Business. At the time…
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The Amazing Life Of Whitney Houston
On February 11th we lost one of the best diva's of all time Whitney Houston, Her death was a shock to many.Whitney Houston has been suffering from drug addiction for over 10 years. the day she died she had a combination of Xanax,was drinking alcohol, and took several other Prescriptions.…
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