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How To Find Mind Peace While Going Through A Divorce For Men
Emotional turmoil can be an unfamiliar and difficult situation for most men. Not free to express our feelings, we bottle them up and push them deep down in our gut until we think they are sufficiently buried. This defense can only hurt us in the long run, not allowing us…
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3 Tips On How To Find Mind Peace
The amount of stress and anxiety we face on a daily basis has risen on us for years. Social and financial situations have changed compared to the last couple of decade and, as a result, our ability to understand and cope have become more and more vital. The divorce rates…
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Are Binaural Beats Dangerous?
There are a lot of programs out there that have integrated binaural beats into audio to enhance and ease the practice of meditation. But even though these systems have become so popular, it should still yield us to question, are binaural beats dangerous? To find out if binaural beats can…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Meditation   Feb 28, 2013  
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6 Benefits Meditation Has To Offer
I was sitting here thinking of all the different types of benefits meditation had to offer and found myself coming up with quite a list. I’ve spent the last few months researching the studies done about meditation and haven’t ran out of interesting surprises yet. But sharing at least 6…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Meditation   Feb 27, 2013  
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Surviving A Divorce For Men - 5 Emotions To Recovery
Men begin with an emotional disadvantage when it comes to relationships and their failure. I think the general misconception is we are supposed to brush off these negative feelings and not be affected by heartbreak. If we show our emotions, we are weak and it can be emasculating. We are…
By:  in  Relationships  >  Divorce   Feb 25, 2013  
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Benefits Of Meditation For Stress And Anxiety
Applying the benefits of meditation for stress has help in numerous different areas of my life. I face an array of different stressful situations and being able to use meditation to control myself can sometimes be the last, if not only thing I’ve got left. After seeing how meditation could…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Stress Management   Feb 25, 2013  
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Meditation
I started meditating back in 2012, when things were starting to come back after a very difficult time in my life. I had no idea what the advantages and disadvantages of meditation were at the time, I just knew it made me feel better. Now that I understand it a…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Mind Development   Feb 23, 2013  
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The Spiritual Benefits Meditation Can Offer
There is much to be said about the physical and emotional improvements meditation can present, but what about the spiritual benefits meditation has to offer? Much can be gained by realizing its use for the mind, body and spirit. Meditation is commonly associated with the iconic Buddha and his quest…
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Advantages And Disadvantages of Niche Marketing
Often associated with affiliate marketing, niche marketing has been a popular form of online marketing, especially for the new and start up marketers entering the internet marketing ring. Like anything else, there are advantages and disadvantages of niche marketing that should be considered. But are the disadvantages of niche marketing…
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Google Adwords Keyword Tool For Affiliate Article Marketing
When I first started writing articles, I had know idea how to find useful keywords. I simply wrote an article on a specific topic and hoped it would get read. That's fine if you just want a view or two, but is far from sufficient if you are trying to…
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