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I am a single parent raising a teenager. That actually makes me a rather happy person! having said that I am quite familiar with all the ups and downs of raising a teen. My child was also born with a genetic illness which is not something that we let stop us. But for every person who sometimes feel that the emergency room or the inpatient floors are your second home I do understand as I have been there way to many time.

The reason I write articles here is to hopefully inspire each person who reads them to change their lives for the better. You are not done and life is not over and I know it can be better than it ever was before. That is my personal belief for my life. Yeah I guess I can tell you all I have been through but honestly where I am going I think is more fascinating that where I came from.

Besides you have your own story and I bet what fascinates you is the possibility of making life better for you and your family, then your friends and oh heck lets bring every one along!

Let's start a revolution that will allow all of us to win.

The Death Of Motivation
Terry reached out eagerly and took another drink from her cup of motivation. She was happier than she had been in a long time. Putting the cup down she took a moment to realign her dreams. She had finally found that elusive motivation that would allow her dreams to come…
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Four Reasons to Choose Wealth
You think you already know all the reasons to choose wealth but if you did you would be actively moving in that direction instead of passively taking what life brings. You may not even realize that wealth is one of the choices on the table I was there for a…
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Should A Single Parent Discipline?
There is nothing like being both mother and father to your child. It is guaranteed to cost you many sleepless nights especially as your child gets older. Then you ask yourself the question what about discipline? Now if your a single parent that is a mother your first inclination is…
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How to Live on What You Make
You may think that the only way to live is to get a better paying job in order to pay for all the bills you may have accumulated. The good news or the bad news depending on who you are is that more than the poor or the middles class…
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How Failure Breeds Success
There is nothing worse than failing in fact if your honest the thing you dread most is to fail. On your job if you fail at what your suppose to do your called in and reprimanded in a politically correct way of course. You encourage yourself , your children and…
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You Can Live Better
The buzz of the alarm rings and your either off to the races or hibernating in bed trying to get that extra ten minutes. No matter what you do all you really want is to live better. In this hectic life you live its time to stop and reorder so…
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Quiet Desperation
Tired of one more article telling you how to be motivated? Good because this is not what this is about. I want to address the quiet desperation that you are now living your life with. Quiet? Yes you are not running out to tell your friends how you feel for…
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So You Want to Be Rich Pt3
I am going to conclude this series by talking about watering what you have already planted as well as daring you to dream. I will also cover what wealth means to you. Many people think they want to be rich when in fact they just want to be comfortable. How…
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How to Start Saving Your Money
For many years I have know that the one thing I should be doing is saving money. For what ever reason that was not happening. When I was young well I was young and spending money seemed to be the thing to do and there never seemed to be enough…
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The Truth About Money
Some where in between all the quotes and the things that we tell ourselves on a daily basis is the truth about money and the role it should play in our lives. We, the people, have become so buried under half-truths that we no longer have a good relationship with…
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