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How to Make Money Writing and Blogging... For Real.
No matter who you are or what your background, you have a book inside you waiting to get out. Ok, maybe the book's not quite ready (yet)... but you have hundreds of ideas, skills, solutions, recipes and just good ol' stories that you'd love to share with a global audience…
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7 Tips to Avoid Timeshare Scams
Timeshare is a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2010, in the United States alone, people purchased nearly $5 Billion in timeshare properties. Timeshare is a hugely popular alternative to cramped hotel rooms. However, with this explosive growth, it’s becoming increasingly more important to understand how to avoid timeshare scams. Tip #1:…
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SEO for Beginners, 'newbies' And Everyone Else
Search Engine Optimization. SEO. Sounds like a technique used by the bad guys on Star Wars. And for most people struggling to build an online business, it might as well be. It's like a 4-letter word (except it's only 3-letters) that would get your mouth washed out with soap. Too…
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I Want to Travel More, Should I Buy A Timeshare?
I grew up with 11 brothers and sisters. Family vacations were an adventure to say the least. Looking back, it's a wonder my parents were brave enough to even attempt them in the first place. But looking back years later, it's crazy how many details I can remember from those…
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Vacations Are Good For You, Medically Speaking
Back in 2008, the New York Times ran an article called "Vacations are Good for You, Medically Speaking". The article went into depth about many unknown benefits of regular travel for both men and women. For example, one finding that studied 12,000 men over 9 years found that men who…
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3 Must - do Things When You Visit the Big Island Of Hawaii
9 years ago, my wife and I were living in Portland, OR with our 1-year old daughter. We loved it there and had a great life. Then one day the phone rang. It was my father-in-law, calling from Alberta, Canada. His one question came right out of left-field. "We're all…
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She Better Be Worth It!
Every couple has a great story about how they met... One of them likes the story and shares it with everyone they meet all day long, while the other prefers to say something like "We just met through friends..." Guess which one I am? :) Here's how it all went…
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Getting Rid Of the Expedia Middle Man
Expedia. Travelocity. etc. When most people start to plan out a vacation, they usually start out on sites like these hoping to find the best deals out there for hotels, airlines, etc. People have been lead to think that these sites are nothing but free search engines, similar to Google,…
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The Hidden Path to Unforgettable Vacations
Ask anybody around you: What's the 1 thing you'd like to do more of? 9 times out of 10, the answer will be more travel. Individuals, couples, families - everyone wants to travel more. As crazy as it may seem in this wild economy, travel is on of the few…
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