Sha-Sha (Street Articles Author)

I used to be active and sporty, I taught horse-riding and water skiing, I went snow skiing every year for many years and I like swimming. I achieved badges for ice dance and I learnt to fence. I worked in France for 3 summer seasons on private yachts and a winter season in the Alps.

I had always worked, starting in Hotel Management and then onto Office Management, unfortunately I was made redundant 4 years ago and my health has deteriorated. My condition not only caused me to put on weight it also caused weakening of the bones and muscles which means that my mobility is poor and I am unable to enjoy the sports I loved.

As soon as the condition was cured I lost all the excess weight but the damage to my bones and muscles is permanent.

I keep busy taking minutes at the meetings of various organisations and I am currently working on several books.

I devised two game-shows but I've still to find an agent to help me with these and I've prepared the outlines for two TV series but I need to be discovered!!

I am full of good ideas and hopefully someday soon I will bring them to fruition.

Don't Be Fobbed Off With Ibs!
So you want to lose weight? If like me you have keyed some weight related words into a search engine you will have come up with about 200,000,000 results! Without even opening up any of the websites I can guarantee that they will all be saying pretty much the same…
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Let Them Eat Lettuce
In the time of Marie Antoinette she sat in her Palace and said of the French Peasants when they couldn’t afford to buy bread “Let them eat cake”. Today we have diet and exercise ‘experts’ sitting in their ivory towers telling the whole world that if you are overweight, obese…
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